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🔥 Biggggg update for "Banners" plugin ...

🔥 Biggggg update for "Banners" plugin v2!

Jul 29, 2022


(breaking change! copy-backup your images URLs somewhere in case... update plugin, restart Logseq)

  • ⚡ Nice and shiny Widgets feature shipped!

  • 📅 Calendar as widget - "Block calendar" plugin support (check README)

  • Custom HTML as widget (iframes, etc):

    • ⛅ pre-configured weather (change city to yours, check README)

    • 🍅 pre-configured Pomodoro timer

  • Added vertical align for banner image (defaults in Settings + per-page fine-tune via page props, check README)

  • Settings reworked - nice grouped with sections headers to not get lost in them ))

  • Logo updated

  • Bugfixing

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