Randy's clients saw him as a trustworthy kind of guy.  He was friendly for the most part, but it was his financial advice which they respected the most and rarely challenged.  However, that wasn’t reality; he was a quick thinker, very persuasive, and savvy.  The truth about Randy Markham was… he was a con man in the making.

After reading the contents of that letter, Randy sunk into the sofa and nursed his glass of wine.  His mind was racing a mile per minute.  There had to be a way out of the mess he’d created.  He was desperate.   The con man hidden deep within his core started working overtime.

Just as the wine started to take effect, his pocket began to vibrate.  It was his phone.  His first thought was to ignore the call.  He wasn’t in the mood to talk with anyone, but his gut said otherwise.  Reluctantly he answered.

With a deep sigh, he said; Hello.

A cheerful voice on the other end replied; Hey Randy.  It’s me Melody.

Returning her energy he replied; hey, how are things going? 

All is well with me.  How about you?

I can’t complain.  It’s business as usual.  What can I do for you?

Randy had handled some of Melody’s investment needs for years.  They weren’t friends, but he was more cordial with her then others.

Still in a lighthearted tone, Melody replied; Well, one of my certified deposits is about to mature.  I don’t want it to rollover because the interest rates aren’t great.  This economy is going to hell in a hand basket.  So, I was wondering if you’ve got a better investment solution.  The one hundred thousand I already have with you is doing great, but I don’t want this CD money locked down.  I’m thinking of purchasing a new car soon.

Randy cleared his throat and replied; how much money are we talking about?

Melody answered.  It’s about five hundred thousand.

A sinister smile appeared on Randy’s face.   A solution to his debt problem had just arrived on a silver platter, but he had to keep his cool.  He couldn’t appear to be too eager.

In a professional voice, he replied; Melody, I might have some investment opportunities that could work.  Let me check a few things out in the office tomorrow.  I’ll give you a call back when I have something solid.

The call went as expected from Melody’s perspective, but Randy was turning into a different man as the seconds passed.  She ended the call feeling like a VIP client with gratitude.  Having a bank rep’s personal number meant something.   However, at the end of the call, Randy was on a new addictive high, trying not to show a slight of hand.

Amanda popped out of the kitchen holding a plate of food to find Randy in a better mood.  She didn’t know what had changed, but he was almost giddy.  She smiled as she sat the plate of food on the coffee table.  He smiled back and began to eat his dinner.

As the night continued his weird behavior grew.  Normally, after dinner he went straight to bed; but tonight he was a little frisky.  She welcomed the attention because she couldn’t remember the last time he’d touched her.

His strange behavior continued the next morning.  Before the alarm clock went off, he was already awake and dress.  Amanda knew something was off, but she didn’t question him.  She waited to see if he would wait to say good morning to the kids, but he didn’t.  Instead, he kissed her on the forehead and ran out the house as if his pants were on fire.

To be continued…


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