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(Procreate timelapse) The Oak Creek Crayon.

Oct 10, 2021


Hi my supportive members , here is this week video process sketching.

I'm not used to paint the BG, so you can see in my timelapse video it is a bunch of trials & errors that I made to find out the right shapes, to create a interesting & interacrive compositions.

I tried many diferent lightings with direct intense sunlight rays, and add the atmoshpere blur effects for the distants scence.

The most challenges for me was those rocks nearby, I tried to capture its roughness & natural sense. And I reallt was enjoy sketching all the trees, bushes, creek, water reflection.

I was pleasant with this first envirment sketching! Hope it can help you for your starter of nature BG painting πŸ₯°.

With love & Appreciate for your supports !

Yu Hong

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