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Sep 15, 2021

Hi lovely members,

Here is another steps process of my artwork : Support girl !

Enjoy !!!!☺

01: Roughly sketch out the girl. I focus on her emotion, hand, and let other details go easy.

02: Block out the base colors : you can refer to your reference or you can choose base on the mood you want to convey ( I choose peach colors bcause I want her to have the warm & cozy feeling towards the viewer 🍑 )

You should change your lines color to match your overall tones, that can even make your sketch more lifely 🍭

03: Add shadows parts to give more depths : brownish & desaturate purple for hair ; red orange for skin; pink violet for the clothes & details.

Use darken colors on your sketch to emphersize some dark spots or where ever you see that need yo clearify.

04: Final: Add highlight & finish touch in. I use a little white on her face, bright yellow orange for hair, Light blue on her clothes ( instead of using more warm tone, choose a cool color that help to balance our eyes, as well as give more interesting to the sketch )

05: Bonus part : 🫖

Adding the content you want. I like to use both my handwriting ( for big title) & the type text ( for body text ).

You can make it anyway you like, and have fun with your process !


THANKS FOR WATCHING, and see you on the next post yaaaaaa!

( You can watch the timelapse video of this on my IG 🙇 )

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