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The term ‘beautraveler’ originally comes from the three main topics that I initially chose for this blog’s content: beau, beauty, and travel.

Over time, I realized that this blog had become a reflection of myself. So I decided to expand the content written here. Instead of sticking with those topics, I also write about other things that I personally enjoy.

As much as I love writing and traveling, I suck at sharing the ultimate guide for my trip and travel.

Instead of creating useful travel tips or detailed itineraries, my content focuses on the things that I enjoy during the trip or the hidden gems I’ve found when strolling around the place I’ve been.

Here, I also occasionally share some other topics that I like: beauty, dating, blogging, and anything related to remote work and work from home.

The contents in this blog are written by me, unless otherwise stated under the collaboration tag. As my blog has grown, I occasionally collaborate with other fellow bloggers as well as brands through collab and sponsored posts.

This is The BeauTraveler, your one-stop traveltainment.