October 2019 My next plan for winter 2020: the Balkan trip.  For those who know me personally, you might know that I've wanted to go to the Balkan since I was little due to my obsession with the Croatian football national team. I even graduated with the thesis about the cultural diplomacy of Serbia and Croatia in the post-Yugoslav era.  Recently, the Serbian government grants the Indonesian passport holder a free visa to visit the country for 30 days. Upon hearing the news, I was searching for more information about traveling in Serbia, and I found out that there is an institution who has a short program to allow foreigners to learn Serbian in a short term. My intention is to join a 2-week Serbian course in Belgrade, before exploring the rest of Serbia. After Serbia, I'm planning to go to the neighboring countries, including Croatia.  However, in order to enter the other countries in Balkan area, I need to apply for a Schengen visa whose requirement might be more complicated. E.g. I need to have a bank statement with the account balance min. $3000 USD, etc.  I've been saving up to prepare for these requirements, and I would be super grateful if you could also support me to fulfill this dream of mine! :)