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Tech company worker bee by day. Blogger, picture-taker, and hoarder of yarn, fabric, and polymer clay by night.

Hi, friends!

I have my work available to buy on my website, along with patterns and tutorials. But if none of that floats your boat, and you still like my content enough to throw a little support my way, I will happily accept a cup of coffee ☕

Thank you so much for your support over the years!

Karry Carter
Karry Carter bought a coffee.

Lisa, I know it's still summer, but I came by your shop hoping that you might be looking to celebrate "Christmas in July" by taking early orders for family portrait ornaments... well here's a mocha latte or chai tea to try to bribe, I mean wish you a wonderful and safe day! 😜 

Oh, that is sneaky! 😜 I don't have any plans to make ornaments this year... It's hard with a full time job. But now that I know you want one, I'll keep the thought in mind. Maybe I'll get in the mood again! Thanks for the coffee... I hope you are well! ☕

Someone bought a coffee.