It's been a long time since I last shared any art. I've just been dealing with some "seasonal" depression. I'm still under the weather but I had to get out from under the shadow.

And as such, I brought some friends out of the shadows with me as a form of reflectiona and meditation.

I decided to re-paint an old piece of mine, "Balladeer of The Dead", that I painted last year when I was going through a dark time in my life.

The assumption about re-paints is that you always do them because you're not satisfied with the original art piece. But sometimes I one would do a re-paint because the love retreading the themes of an idea or just simple having fun painting the same thing differently. This was one of those but with the added part of meditating or reflecting.


Sketch & Ideation

My previous sketch for this was very spooky and nightmarish. But that isn't what I wanted after going threw some iterations I lended back on the bald skull wearing cloth and more of a dutch tilt-esque pose and a sense of owning your madness and finding the power in that.



These are the alts I did for this one because I couldn't decide what colour flame I prefered. Comment which one you like.