My Story: Hello awesome people, I am a guy from middle-class family. I have seen lots of ups and downs through my life. I was in depression for some while. Music is the key that kept me alive. During my hard times I listen to all the words and relate with my life. I stood up from the dark place where I was hiding from the world. I feel the music through my nerves. I have tackled my hard life with the help of music. So, I started creating lyrics videos. In belief, music helped me; music will help get stress free for others too.

Now I feel confident about my life. I surf YouTube and internet a lot, I am in an adventure to make money online. This Lyrics YouTube channel doesn’t make money I just continue to make lyrics for love and support. If you are able to support $5, Please do. This will help me through my finance. Also, Support my other YouTube channels. Be the member of ZA (ZackArka) community.

Just to keep short and not boring. I just want to say, just believe on you. Ups and Downs are the part of life, keep calm and fight for life. Thank God for the life.