Red Dust Under Foot

Red Dust Under Foot

Feb 04, 2022

From dust to dust, while the planet rusts

Captain Bane, kicked at the dust.

“The damn stuff gets in everything.”

“What’s that Cap?”

“Nothing. Look sharp.”


Grew up with dust like this. Kids used to say it was red because of all the blood spilled stealing African land. Old post-colonial BS.

He flicked his safety off.

Stuff was always red, blood didn't change it. Plain old iron oxide.

“Planet’s so old it’s rusting,” he chuckled.

The dust used to make my school shirts orange. Mom beat me for it —

“Movement sir!”

“Fire! Save your ammo — just punch holes in their suits!”

New blood made no difference.

Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell, modified by author.

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