The Extra-Ordinary Academy

The Extra-Ordinary Academy

Feb 11, 2022

A place where dreams are …

“Getting into the Extraordinary Academy required extraordinary effort.
There were no invitations and no way to apply. No owls with letters hunting you down. No sorting hats.

Talent was simply tested.
Pass or fail.

The tests came without warning; preparation in any specific sense was pointless.

So we trained our whole lives. In everything. Talented or not.

We didn’t know if we had what it took. We just knew we wanted in. And everyone knew that the test revealed the Talent anyway.

Every parent who didn’t get in wanted their child to get in.

Every sibling of an Extraordinary alum wanted in.

It wasn’t that they got the best jobs or that they were paid more. Or that society elevated them above all others. They just lived in a different world where none of that mattered. This was beyond being rich.

You couldn’t buy your way in with all the money in the world. Billionaires and sultans had tried. They got nowhere. Bezos was still pissed. He was sulking in his Moon Camp, where the normies went.

But the Academy was a world where the Science of Magic threaded through the very fibres of the halls, where Magical Science exploded and zinged in the deep basements. Where dragons were born, and portals opened.

No, I had waited my whole life for this.
I trained harder than all my siblings.
I set records all through school.
My mentors and tutors said I was sure to get in.

But the Test never came.

I trained for decades and nothing.
All that effort or that time wasted.

But today, you’ll see it hasn’t been wasted. You’ll see that it groomed me and made me into who you see before you now.

You may call me the Dark Lord, and my time has come.”

First published in Microcosm

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