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I am a freelance filmmaker and photographer who supports social justice and environmental campaigns.

Numerous organisations have used my photos to help build their campaigns.

I make my photos and films freely accessible and shareable on social media and provide high res versions where needed. No paywalls.

I can only continue doing this with your support.

Any donation you can make, either as a one off "support" donation or a monthly "membership" is hugely helpful.

Donations go towards everything from train tickets to camera equipment.

If your wanting to use my photos and wish to make a donation -  this is the place to do it.

You can also consider hiring me for event videography and photography, documentaries, music videos and more. Check out some of my work here:

A note on personal and editorial usage.

Personal usage is exactly that - personal use. This can include printing and putting on the fridge or using as a profile picture. All levels of "membership" and "support" cover personal use. Though I won't be mad if you can't make a donation and wish to use one of them! I just ask for a credit.

Editorial usage is for editorial use such as in a magazine, newspaper, blog, photo essay, news video or similar. It must be put in a context ie have a caption or used in a relevant article.

Everyone who chucks me a couple of dollars will be listed as a supporter on future videos, zines and similar pieces unless you don't want to (you can make an anonymous donation).

If you have any questions please ask and Thanks again!

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