A few years ago I started a writing challenge, so I'm going to share with you what I created... please note I haven't edited any of these pieces and would love to work on them further.


I opened my eyes stifling a yawn and stretched my arms out. My fingers brushed against your skin.

I held my breath, watching, to see if you stirred.

Nothing. Your steady strum of breath continued.

I rolled over onto my side, letting out a low stream of hot breath.


Panic hit me.

I had to get out of here. How the hell had I allowed this to happen?

This was not me. I did not do things like this.

I looked back at you. A smile flickered over your face. I felt myself melt again. You looked so happy, so at peace.

Nope. No. No!

This was not the time. I had to get out. I had to leave.

I searched around for my dress. A small stream of light coming through the curtain allowed me to locate it.

Slowly I got up from the bed. It was as if every spring wanted to stand up at attention, to alert you of my escape.

Saying a silent prayer I continued on.

Finally I stood up. Again I looked back at you and again you were still sleeping oblivious to my flight plan.

My dress was on the far corner of your room.

I was not like this, I would never just fling a dress across a room.

Especially a dress of this price point, a dress that I was planning on returning as soon as I possibly could.

My heartbeat began to climb, as I slowly descended upon it.

There was no time to look back now. I had to take my chance.

I finally made my way over to my discarded black sequenced friend and picked it up.

Ahhh how I loved this dress, how I cried when I first put it on. It hugged all the places I wanted it to and hid all the places I didn't want to be on show.

I slipped it on and zipped up the back and yes I did struggle but I managed in the end.

I did a mini fist pump for my success.

I turned around slowly and slammed straight into you.

How? Where? What? How did I not hear you?

"Good morning," you mumbled as your arms circled my waist.

Your warm breathe on my neck.

"Going somewhere?"

"No," I uttered back.

Your lips found there way to my neck, hitting the spot that no one but you knew about and that was it. Escape plan in the shit.

I was yours again.

My beautiful sequinned dress hit the floor again and all thought of leaving was lost in the wind.