Buy Esther Lemmens a coffee


Hey 👋 For just £1, you can now buy me a coffee! Or several, if you desire. (Actually, I'll have a green tea, please.)

I create the Fifty Shades of Gender podcast. There's also a book on the cards, and I have a t-shirt store as well.

It's an amazing project and I LOVE doing it. It also takes a lot of time and money to find the amazing people who are willing to share their stories, arrange conversations with them, record them, edit the audio, make them into episodes, and get them transcribed (and hopefully translated as well in future). Oh and podcast hosting. And maintain the website. And learn stuff!

Any contribution, no matter how small, really helps me, so if you decide to buy me a cuppa, I appreciate you! 🥰

If you decide not to, that's ok. Remember you're an awesome human, and that diversity is beautiful!