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Thanks for supporting Sunshine Skies! I created and maintain the website as a labor of love and have spent thousands of hours researching, writing and tracking down old photos. If you appreciate what I have created and shared, please consider buying me a cup of coffee! All contributions go toward web costs, additional research and expanding the amount of material on the website.

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My dad (Hogan) flew for Air Sunshine and I think he was in the original 1974 crew. Everyone needs coffee so please enjoy a few cups:) If you have merchandise or know of anyone who does my email is [email protected]

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Very cool project here David.  I flew aboard N34PB from New Bedford to Martha's Vineyard on 4 June 1992 just a week before I enlisted in the USAF.  I found this page via a Google search while researching N34PB.  I wish I'd have known it came through PHX in 2017 on the tour...I live in the Valley of the Sun and would have loved to see her airborne again!

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Thanks for maintaining such a great resource!

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Thanks, David!  Long live Lovell Field!

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Many thanks David for designing and managing this informative, lovingly rendered and cheerful website. I grew up near Atlanta Hartsfield and spent a lot of time there as an airline brat (1980s, son of an EAL pilot), and later as a ramp rat (1990s, for the former arch rival, Delta). The photos and stories bring a lot of memories back to life. Thanks and keep up the great work.