This post outlines my aim with BMC and what will be updated here.

What is Buy Me a Coffee (BMC)?

BMC is a sponsorship platform connecting creators to their audience, the BMC homepage gives a great summary on how the page works: Buy Me a Coffee

Why BMC?

BMC is a nice place for me to share my resources, works in progress and behind the scenes stuffs I don't post in the public. My gratitude to you who wish to support me!

What will be updated?

  • Artwork Process

    Step-by-step process images and text explaining my thought process and workflow

    [FREE!] Click the "Process" tab in Posts:

  • Artwork PNG/JPG file(s)

    High resolution/Original sized file(s) of my artwork

    [ONE + TWO + THREE Members]

  • Artwork Raw file(s)

    My artwork working file(s) including layers for research enthusiasts

    [TWO + THREE Members]

  • Work in Progress/Behind the scenes

    WIPs, unpublished sketches, paintings and occasionally some other private stuff

    [TWO + THREE Members]

What can I do with the resources?

All resources can only be used for Personal Use. Please do not use my resources for Commercial Use. Credits are much appreciated.

That's all for now,

Thank you for reading!