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Hi! I'm Zigalet. I’m a music producer and composer from Spain. 

I create emotional electronic indie music with a danceable twist and cinematic melodies… plus a hint of southern flavor. My debut album Nadir was released on October 2020. I also did twice per week a music production challenge which I upload to my Youtube channel where the goal was to create 2 minutes of original music inspired by an image in under 90 minutes.

I come from a family of flamenco artists where life revolves around music, performance, and art. I have lived in four different countries, taking up the languages along the way. Starting 2020 I immersed fully in music production and haven’t looked back since. 

I make music to inspire people to believe in themselves, fight for their dreams and share the joy of being alive. Life is a team effort, not an individual sport. There is enough competition in our society where only one can succeed. We need more than ever to be connected and work together; not against each other, not treading on others to get ahead. My goal is to have a tribe where everyone is considered a friend, a community that supports and inspires each other to push their own boundaries and move forward together.