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Consciousness is never a thing 意识绝非事物

Jun 06, 2021

Consciousness is outside mind, and to be truly creative we will have to think outside cause and effect. Cause and effect is hugely rooted in human thinking based on tradition. The biggest obstacle we have is we never see, feel and experience consciousness, but we see thoughts, feel feelings and experience stories so we conclude this is us - the body with mind and emotions. Consciousness is never a thing, it is the essence of the thing. The ultimate objective for the appearance of the thing, be it good, bad or indifferent is to point to its source, the Consciousness. Once we are in our true being, we lost all fears, cos all fears are associated with the body.

意识不等同于思想,真正的创意一定是在因果以外的, 因果很大程度上是来源于人的传统和根深蒂固的局限思维。我们最大的障碍是我们从未看到,感觉到或经历过意识,但我们见过思想,感觉过感觉,也经历过故事所以我们总结这就是我们 - 有着思想和感情的一个躯体。但意识从未是一个事物,他是所有事物的本质。所有事物,无论是好的坏的或无关紧要的,出现的最终目的是要指向他的本质 - 意识。 一旦我们回归了真我,所有的恐惧都会消失,因为恐惧只是躯壳衍生出来的。

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