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The only Truth 唯一的真实

The only Truth 唯一的真实

May 09, 2021

Spirit world is not another world, Its the only world. The moment our eyes is single and focused solely on what is real, everything we see and experience is beautiful and natural. There's no need to change anything, 'cos everything is already what is supposed to be - just drop the strife and struggle.

灵的世界不是另一个世界,那是唯一的世界。当我们的眼睛专注在唯一的真实,所有我们所见所经历的都是最自然美丽的,甚至没有必要改变任何事情,因为一切已经都是他本该有的样子了 - 我们需要做的只不过是放弃挣扎和争斗。

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