On a quest to become the Master of all Sparkles.

Hi, World!  I'm Kris, a digital and traditional artist known online as 'Naikios'! =D  I'm a full-time artist dabbling in a mess of genres, from digital commissions to oil paintings and print-making, as well as my obsession with creating custom species for online MMORPGs. I have an addiction to all things Sci-fi, and rarely sit down to work without an episode of Doctor Who or Stargate on behind me.

I've been attached to the Anthro community online doing commission work for about 15 years; Most recently I've teamed up with LyssArts and Zorkia, two amazing artists, to put together a collaborative Patreon effort which we call "ScribbleQuirk Studios"!

I'm wildly grateful for all of the support my watchers show across all of my various mediums! Making my art my career has always been my life's goal, and every little commission and donation helps to make that a reality. Thank you!!!

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