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FEATURED EXTRAS is a knowledge sharing website created by a small group of highly motivated sysadmins. We post the solutions of the issues faced in our day-to-day work in Linux, Windows, AWS, Azure, GCP and DevOps technologies so that it will be available for all people for FREE. was established in the year 2018 and since then has been the go-to place for all sysadmin related issues. A lot of people visit the site daily to find their solutions and this is provided completely FREE to all. We spent lot of hours in documenting the issues and its solutions so that it will be available for all.

However, making this article online incur some costs in the form of platform/server costs. We maintain cloud servers to make it available 99.99% to all.

The current monthly costs are approx. $1200/month including application, database and other services. Your support allows us to continuously keep motivating and do the work we do.

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