Hi All,

There is a new version of the Longmynd client available. The latest version covers mostly requests from various people using the application. The update includes the following changes:

  • Better network handling. Sometimes when your network settings changed then the application freezes on startup (or takes very long to open). This is due to it trying to connect to the longmynd client without any timeouts in place. The client will now connect asynchronously while starting up. This means the app will fully start up even if it can't connect to longmynd. I've added a label on top left corner to indicate that it has connected or not. (This was also reported by Sandor DM4DS)

  • Dish calibration helper. Chris (ON1RC) is busy testing the application for use on a dx expedition to Crozet Island in December. He has requested an audio feedback for easier fine tuning of the dish. Its a very simple addition that shows a larger Mer value and you can enable sound to get audio feedback based on the Mer signal. I'm still experimenting with the frequencies, but it seems to do the trick. Feedback on this is welcome. To use this feature click on the Mer: label to open up the calibration screen. Other ideas might be to add a graph on that screen and maybe keep track of minimum and maximum values.

  • Oscar 100 Spectrum Scale. Robert (DD4YR) has given feedback that the spectrum becomes unusable on certain sizes when resizing the client window. This has also bothered me for a while so I spent some time on it. The spectrum will now resize with the window. It can look a bit funny on certain sizes, but lets see how it goes.

Some other interesting news from John (G7JTT) who reported that a Jetson Nano works just as well for the longmynd installation, so if you can't get a hold of a raspberry pi then there are other options available as well. I will be trying out other SBC boards as well to make a compatibility list. If you have tried installing the longmynd client on other SBC's then let me know.

Other projects in the works is a client for the Winterhill DATV receiver and more android experiments, so more to come soon :)

The latest version of the longmynd client is available on the site.

There are a few more requests I'm working on, but keep in sending in feedback and comments. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and help with the testing.


Tom - ZR6TG