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New Longmynd Client Update - 2022/05/27

May 27, 2022

Hi All,

New update for the windows longmynd client. This update includes misc small fixes and also adds the addition of a websocket output when a callsign gets decoded. With this you can use something like Node-Red to receive the notification and then perform an action on it.

For example, put the client on auto tune and then send yourself a telegram message, email or turn on a light when a specific callsign is found and decoded. You can configure the output host ip and port. The client will connect to

ws:// <specified ip> : < specified port > /ws/datvstatus

and an example of the data it will send:

"{"service_name":"ZR6TG","service_provider":"","mode":"QPSK 2/5","frequency":10497754.0,"mer":3.2,"dbmargin":3.5}"

I'll share some node-red tutorials soon to show you how you can use this feature.

As always, any feedback is welcome :)

Download the latest version here


  • Websocket Reconnect when longmynd gets restarted

  • Higher Resolution Display on MER value

  • dB Margin display (D Value)

  • Decoded Status Output via Websocket


Tom - ZR6TG

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