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Ryde Receiver Remote for Android

May 20, 2022

Update: Now also available on Google Playstore, but apk download will stay freely available :)

I've recently added another Minitiouner to the shack and set it up as a Ryde Receiver. The Ryde Receiver is essentially a stand-alone receiver designed specifically for Digital Amateur TV with similar functionality to a consumer STB. Its a fairly easy build using a Minitiouner and a Raspberry PI. Its a standalone system that is controlled by an infra-red remote control.

I didn't have all the additional hardware to add the necessary components for an infra-red remote so I decided to put together a remote control for my android phone which controls the Ryde Receiver via my network.

If you want to give it a try then you can download the apk here and try it out. Setup is simple, just select the settings button (bottom right button) and provide your ryde receiver ip and port.

This can be improved lots of ways, but for a regular quick and easy remote to get going on the ryde receiver, it works perfectly :)

Feedback welcome as always, 73

Tom - ZR6TG

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