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Updated Longmynd Client and new Winterhill Client

Jun 21, 2022

Hi All,

There is a new version of the Longmynd Client available. Its not a big update, but fixes a few annoyances. Among others this includes:

  • Audio Volume Issues. The VLC core libraries have a funny way of dealing with the audio which also means that I can only set the volume for specific media being played, while its playing. The current code will keep track of the volume and update as soon as it starts playing. So far testing seems to be ok, but we will see what the feedback is. Also you can crank it up all the way to 200% now, be careful with those headsets.

  • Window Position. A few requests came from various people to save the location and size of the window on exit and use those settings again once it starts up. This is now in place. Its a small change, but very helpful especially when you are scripting a few different programs to start up at the same time.

  • Improved Error Handling. You might not even notice this one, but as the client is more stable now I've started adding in more error handling to have it deal better when things go wrong. This includes reconnections and refreshing data.

At this point I will not be actively adding new features to the Longmynd client anymore. Thats because I'm working on Version 2. Version 2 will be different in that it won't use VLC at all anymore, but rather makes use of FFMPEG. This gives me a bit better control over the video streams and gives me the possibility to add the most requested feature which is being able to record streams. I should have a test version for members up next week (Thanks for you support!).


Yes, I have some new software, but this time for the Winterhill. The Winterhill is a multi channel DATV receiver from the BATC and its based on their Advanced Receiver Hardware project. It provides 4 tunable channels at the same time. I got most of the important bits including the tuners from the BATC and the rest of the parts from Digikey.

The client is very similar to the longmynd client, same functions, but now with 4 screens. The original Winterhill software required some changes though, so if you are setting up to use my client then look at the documentation about getting the install script from my repo. The plan is to get those changes merged back into the original Winterhill project. I would suggest setting up a new SD card if your Winterhill is already up and running so that you can revert in case of any issues.

Get the downloads and all information here. And please do send me any feedback.

Other Developments

There are much more projects in the works, including a hardware display for Longmynd and Winterhill as well as some Ryde developments. I'm also playing with the new multimedia beacon on the Oscar 100 narrow band so expect a few experimental projects around that. For updates on that and many more be sure to sign up :)


Tom - ZR6TG

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