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Hi! My name is Zuby and I'm an independent rapper, author, public speaker and podcast host. I use my voice to inspire, educate, entertain and motivate millions of people.

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* I don't actually drink coffee, but your support will help me to create new music, videos and podcasts.

Someone bought Zuby a coffee.
Someone bought Zuby a coffee.
Aaron bought Zuby a coffee.

Heard you on Rubin Report.  Blown away by the depth and nuance of your music.

Thanks Aaron!

William Gottbreht bought Zuby a coffee.

I like the way your minds works. We need more minds like yours. Keep it up. 

Thanks William!

Dan Anderson bought Zuby 5 coffees.

Happy Birthday man! Keep doing what you're doing!

Thank you Dan!

Mandie Fressh bought Zuby 3 coffees.

Happy Birthday, Zuby! Hope your having the best day ever showering the world with your love and kindness! 

Thanks Mandie! 

Kimberly bought Zuby 3 coffees.

Happy Birthday Zuby!  Thank you for doing something so nice!

Thanks Kimberly! 

Thanks Kimberly! 

Someone bought Zuby a coffee.

Happy Birthday! what a wonderful way to celebrate!


Michael Kyte bought Zuby 3 coffees.

Please helps those that want to help themselves.  Chicago unfortunately has been turned into a demokkkrat plantation for decades.  Hopefully The people will vote the corrupt politicians out and vote for those that serve the community instead of themselves

Someone bought Zuby 3 coffees.