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Two guys just talking about music. If you're reading this and it's 2019 then we're probably talking about Genesis.

It was January 2018, Simon decided he wanted to start a podcast in which he waffled on about the band Genesis. He roped in his friend Gary and the result was The Revelation Station! Since then we've recorded 20 episodes (and counting!) and brought joy to millions...well, at least 2 people.

Episodes are free but, sadly, Websites and recording equipment are not, so if you want to support us in anyway then this is the place to do it.

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Love the podcast and looking forward to season two and you tackling their solo albums

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Merry Christmas guys, saving the Duke episode for Xmas morning was like an extra present 🎁👍

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Love the discussions (and  disagreements) and hope that only having 3 more studio albums to go means you can move into discussing some of the solo albums as well.

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