Welcome to the second draft of Under Smoke City, a steampunk piece heavily based on Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood with the aim of reproducing the rhythms of the much loved original but with a different story and spin in the finished product. I'm actually using The Definitive Version published by Orion Publishing (ISBN09780753810491) as my source text but I diverge rather swiftly after the first voice's part makes way for the other characters. The first draft was originally posted on a Patreon page, starting in October 2017.

I've also included links to the few apocrypha* at the bottom of the page, but these are accessible to supporters only.


  1. Welcome to Under Smoke City

  2. The Haunting of Captain Flynn

  3. The Dreams of Factor Row

  4. The Dreaming Pravyks

  5. The Princess of the Pauper Palace

  6. Pre-Dawn at the Welfare

  7. Passengers and Prayers

  8. The Waiting Room

  9. A Dawn Chorus

  10. Lover Boy

  11. A Steam Railway Interlude

  12. A Drink In The Local

  13. Cotton Hearted

  14. Shelter for the Homeless

  15. Change of Shift

  16. Before a Royal Audience

  17. Some Spring Sunshine

  18. Lijah's World

  19. The Song of The Machines

  20. Backwards and Forwards

  21. Lost Opportunities

  22. The Under Smoke Market

  23. A Chapel Hymn

  24. Apollo Arrives and the Sun Leaves

  25. Evening on the Town Moor

  26. Bedtime Lullabies

  27. Fade to Black


* stories and fragments inspired by writing Under Smoke City that add additional texture or go off on a tangent.

  1. The Clockwork Fairy

  2. Pea Soup

  3. Egg and Soldiers

  4. Squads Declared For The Easter Ball Series

  5. How Prince's Landing Got Its Name