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A little help from my friends....

Oct 01, 2021

Dear Friends

I'm trying to work out what social media platforms I should be using for Poetry Pea and I could do with a bit of help from you.

What Social Media platforms do you prefer to use?

Do let me know

What's on at Poetry Pea?

Podcast: Original haiku using place names
YouTube: Original haiku using place names
Pea TV Haiku Moment from Kent Dorsey
Pea TV Haiku Prompt for October. Do go along, write some poetry and leave a comment for other poets. - Share the love.

 Job for the weekend

Send me your haiku and senryu submissions for long haiku. Deadline 20th October midnight CET. I'm ruthless on the deadline! 

A haiku for the weekend:

his three tooth grin
our fingers slimy
with pumpkin seeds

       Deborah P Kolodji
       Poetry Pea Journal, Summer 2021

Don't forget there's a new podcast out on Monday 4th October.
the haiku pea podcast

ps. Thank you for the coffees. Thanks to you I'm 68% of the way to my goal of a new microphone.

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