Hello everyone, I'm Emiliano Vittoriosi founder of BerlinExplorer, author photographer and Creative Director, when I structured this course, I did it by analyzing my path of study and my personal one.

"What is a photographer? What is photography? What should I photograph? How do I make a project? How do I build a story? Why do we want to take a picture?"

This is the first public course of 15 people, INSIDE is an old coaching project of mine dedicated to photographers who want to follow an autonomous and personal path in visual communication.

This is purely a theoretical and practical course in editing and analysis of photographic work, we will not learn basic techniques of photography, but we will analyze the process behind a photographic work, the construction of a story in the short and long term, the photo diary, the publication and composition of the project with the editorial use and preparation of a possible exhibition.

This course is suitable for people who want photography to be the right tool to tell a story and analyze a visual context, for those who are looking for concepts within the images, for those who want to explore more and more their limits and abilities, through it you will get information that will guide you step by step on your personal path and understanding of the projects of your classmates, this will allow a rapid and substantial growth within the group.

"In what does the ability to turn observation into narrative consist?"

Recognizing oneself in one's own photographs starts that process of subjective implantation of the narration, in which the author is no longer only a witness of his own relationship with the world but also participates in the chaos that surrounds him.

The working methodology starts from the critical analysis of the images produced, from the broad and collective discussion on their narrative potential, channelling the comparison to the creation of the final sequence.

The critical vision of the works of established authors will serve to broaden the knowledge of the visual medium and the contemporary possibilities of use and dissemination that it offers.

"Because the photograph is only a fragment, its moral and emotional weight depends on where it is placed."

The course will be on a weekly basis for a minimum duration of 6 months, in the following 6 months you are free to continue the course for an ongoing project. The course consists of 3 hours / 1 day per week.

It will also include an archive of information that will be released during the classes, all here on this platform, plus you will have access to the rest of the content we offer to our donor members.

The course will only be available to 15 people, upon reaching that number, the course will begin on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

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INSIDE - Master Class