A calm and well behaved dog,always!

A calm and well behaved dog,always!

Nov 27, 2020

Hi it's me your handsome blog writing friend Callum the border collie back to bark at you some more. Woof woof woof yip yip howl woof woof.

Oops! My doggy bad!  

(I keep forgetting human don't understand bark.  Reminds doggy self to type in English.)

In this post I am going to bark about being calm.  As a puppy being calm is something I have a hard time doing but I'm working on it.

I know I need to be calmer, especially on my walkies. 

My Human Uncle Dave took me for a short walk the other day and boy oh boy he wasn't too happy with me. He's a big guy and even he had trouble controlling me.

A friend of my human is teaching her how to get me to walk nicely on my leash. I had a lesson this morning. I don't like to be a bragging boy but I did quite good,
I was a proud boy of myself.  I still need a lot of work though.

It would be a lot easier if all those enticing smells out there quit calling me to come and sniff them.

You know I've always wondered in my short life here on earth, why you humans never stop to sniff.
How you can walk past a tree and not sniff it is beyond me!

I guess that takes a lot of control, a lot more control than I have. My doggy nose is like a magnet it pulls me to every tree I see.

Hello tree I'm coming as fast as I can to sniff you! It would be much easier if I didn't

have this human on the other end of my leash weighing me down . Ha ha!

Sometimes pups who have extra anxiety need help staying calm.  One thing the pup that my human had before me used was something called a Thunder Shirt
My Human says that it worked very well on him.  

Another thing that might work is a weighted vest.  We don't know how well they work but they are supposed to help burn extra energy, build muscle and keep a pup calm.  
Have any of your humans tried this vest on you?  How was it?  (you can let me know in the comments)
They say it is recommended for dogs two years and older, so I guess I'm too young.

Weighted vests aren't just for pups either. 

There are even weighted vests for autistic people, like my human, to help calm them.
Maybe a weighted vest would help my human. She has a lot of trouble relaxing, sometimes I think she's wound up too tight.
I don't think she ever gets more than a few hours of sleep a night, and well I maybe make it impossible for her to sleep in. 

maybe, If I can get my human to be more calm then maybe I'll be a better behaved, calmer doggy on my walkies. You can learn more about weighted vests for Autistics here to see if they might be helpful for your autistic family member. 

One day my Human and I will try these things and see if they help, but right now our most important priority is saving our home.  

My human and I have been very surprised and happy with how many people have been so generous to us on Buy me a Coffee

These are tough times for a lot of humans and their pets so every bit of help is deeply appreciated!

I'm a bit of a tired boy so I'm going to go enjoy a relaxing doggy nap. Stay calm and happy and I'll be back to bark at you soon.

If you enjoyed my blog please share it far and wide.    I am new at this and could use the encouragement! 

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the border collie


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