I'm the author of comics about kitten "Moti". And also, I’m a musician, music producer ... In general, I won’t tell much detail here. I’ll just say that I work a lot. And I do not earn anything from it. My YouTube channel is not monetized. All those videos that you see are all shot at my own expense.
At first glance, it might seem that everyone starts like that, and it is equally difficult for everyone. Believe me, it's not, there are situations when for someone it is much harder than everyone else. 
So, if you want to help somehow, to make changes, and you want the quality of music videos, comics to develop, then, welcome)

If you don’t want to read a long and tiring text, then just donate 1 dollar. Believe me, this is very necessary :)

Here is what I really need now (starting with the first - the most necessary):

For Comics Series creating about little kitten "Moti" and he's adventures, on regular base. 

Donates for Elaizzofficial YouTube channel ads, and ads for my songs and videos

Upgrade equipment to improve the quality of songs, music and video (microphone, sound card, computer, drone, DJi Ronin, software, etc.)

Donate exclusively for home studio equipment (so far home). These are special materials, equipment. 

This is necessary for adequate and normal competition with the expensive studios that all producers have, so that I no longer suffer and record sound on my MXL 440 in my room, which is full of echo, on my old Steinberg CL1, which has noise when recording. 

Or, this money will go to rent a good recording studio so that the vocals in the songs sound very good. After the construction of the home studio, financing will go to further regular upgrade of equipment and software

Funding assistance to create interesting, funny video blogs.

Donates to shoot music videos of excellent quality (payment to actors, props, payment for interesting locations, for example, at rent house, etc.)
Funding for the creation of cool music videos in which I put all my talent. And I will be the director myself, etc. Of course, I will pay for the actors, the studio, which will be engaged in the creation of graphics, effects, etc. But, all ideas will be exclusively mine, so that you would not think that someone else would be engaged in my work. I want to do everything myself and control the whole process.

You can choose any clause, where you want, or you are ready to make donations. And rest assured, your donations will do just that. The faster you make a donation, the more you donate, the faster I can bring all these points to life. Everything depends only on you.

This is, in short.

For those who likes to read long text :)

Why do I need help, and how can you help?

 And for those who want a detailed story, read below:

Surely you heard about advertising? Everyone who has this opportunity is engaged in advertising their music.

All the stars are buying ads. All artists who have signed a contract with a label are likewise buying ads. Without advertising, it is impossible to become famous.

If you don’t own money in advertising, then it will take years for the PR of your music, maybe even decades. One can only hope for genetic engineering, which will make it possible to live 5,000 years to develop the YouTube channel for all these years :) This is a joke.

I have been creating music all my life and creating songs, but I'm still unknown, despite repeated attempts to show my music to the whole world.

I have long understood that talent alone is not enough. We need a powerful PR of what you are doing. I don't like it, but there's nothing to be done.
These are the laws of show business.

At the top of this chain is the one who can buy more advertising. I hope you understand? As you might have guessed, I have no way to buy ads. From music, I practically do not earn anything.

Although, I work on its creation every day for many hours, but no one will hear it, because it is impossible to advertise it. And a lot of the songs I created are lying idle, unpublished. What is the point of publishing them without good music videos? Who will be interested in this? :)

Meanwhile, a lot of artists under the label, PR at the expense of company money.
As the music companies say: we invest in a person, not in music.
Okay, person, money, it's all clear. Business.

And what, music - is it not important? Not for them, because they are only businessmen, but not music lovers.
Not music fans.

I do not agree with them, they earn only money, and I love music. Either business or creativity. Hard choice, is it not?

I am faced with the choice of either completely quitting music and doing my PR on social networks, or only doing music. Combining is bad. What you could see. A lot of videos shot, but without a team, without competition with top bloggers, the picture looks faded.
How much can 1 person do in a frame?

Everything was wonderful on YouTube in 2008, a lot of people watched ordinary bloggers singing on a webcam, but then they came ... Financial sharks ... And they occupied YouTube ... Bloggers began to invest more money in content to compete with them, and confront them …
In general ...

After the television came to YouTube, realizing how much new opportunities are available on YouTube for them, and what smells like money here ... television, with its huge budgets and big money invested in the video. And they occupied YouTube ...

Ordinary little bloggers are competitors to them? Not. Check out any video of those who sing cover on a simple webcam. Or just play the piano. How many subscribers do they have?People without a team, at best, have 39K-48k subscribers, in different ways ...

And the juicier, the brighter the picture, the more subscribers ... That is, the more money invested in video and sound ...

And this is the situation stays for years with those who have been shooting simple videos. I feel sorry for them ... I feel sorry for them because I know what they are experiencing ...

In the meantime, where there is: Actors, operator, editor, and a budget of several hundred or thousands of dollars for each video - flight of fancy possible, right?

You can buy 10,000 cans of Coca-Cola and blow them up, or send them on a rocket into space. Will it be interesting to watch? Rather :) And a celebration for recruiting subscribers.

I could also create TV shows, or blogging shows. But for starters, you need to make a couple of friends who will be relentlessly appearing on your blogs. And so that they left work, abandoned their girls, or boys, and agreed to devote time to your YouTube channel. And also, so that they understand how important it is :) Where to find such volunteers? :)

Oh yes, I forgot:in order to compete with the top bloggers, you need to release the video very quickly. And you need a computer with a Core i9, and a powerful Nvidia card. It is desirable that one on which cryptocurrency is mined ... This is one of the examples :)
In general, a lot of all. Of things...

Failed to find good volunteer friends? Not a problem, you just need to enlist the support of advertisers. Or hire actors, and for this you need to ask for funding from parents, probably :) It's simple! well, right? Just as easy! :) You just need to believe and materialize all this, like Harry Potter, say the right spell, it remains only to find this right spell :)

But seriously:

As many might have thought, I am not complaining, but only stating a fact.
Surely many people noticed that the more I shoot various videos, the less time I have left to release new songs?

And the result: 245 subscribers to date. And 0 Patrons on 01/28/2020

And although, I am grateful to all these subscribers. But we are few.
I believe that my fans, subscribers - this is the team.

You tell me, but do others somehow combine video and music making? But no. They have a team, friends, relatives, or money to hire a team. Actors, buy props for filming. The iPhone of the latest model, Core i9, of which I have been dreaming for a long time. I am very happy for all those who have it all. But, I do not have this.

I, in fact, an orphan, in this matter, and all my life I was alone with my goals, problems and everything else.

I made music for other people. And many appreciate her. Thanks to everyone. But understand, appreciate is not enough, you need to show it to the whole world.

I understood for a long time - it is no longer necessary to count on the help of large music companies. They are busy making money, they have no time to check some kind of music there and some kind of author there.Familiar picture? Did you go through this too? Waited for handouts from them ?!

I say, to those just like me - stop waiting. They don’t need your talent, forget it. They choose for themselves, and this is more a lottery.

If you will be talented in many ways, they don’t need it. They look at your number of subscribers, at how much support you. And then they “decide” to invest in you. If there are no subscribers (you did not have money for an expensive microphone and for a studio and so on), but they don’t care about it anyway.

They "buy you" only together with your subscribers :) They actually do not buy you, but your subscribers. No followers? "Go get them, you come back when you have them."
No followers and big fan base?

There is a second option - contacts with the right people from the world of show business. You have neither one nor the other? :)

Not a problem, the main thing is to believe! Believe Bro! Faith will help you. Success will definitely be :) Joke. There won't be a damn thing :) You will fight and beat against the wall, like a bull, but in the end, you will just break your horns, be disappointed and give up this thing :) Ask the many actors, screenwriters, directors who went through this :)

Go down from the clouds to the earth, and start thinking objectively and realistically. You are alone with your talent, or you are with those who support you. All. That is all that you have. And believe me - it's even better than signing a contract being a blogger, or singing covers, and being a slave.

Which will not do anything of its own, "they" will create an image for you, and dictate what you need to do. Forget about creativity. Only top artists do what they want and the music they want.

Everyone else will do what they say and sing what they say.

There are many people who believe in success, and I tell you, stop believing, you need to do everything on your own and take everything into your own hands. There is no one in our common cause except the team. You are this team.

And if I were the head of a music company, I would help all the talents get funding. But show business does not think so, he has his own view on these things.

World of big money.

Only one solution comes to mind. You are a fan, a music lover, just a subscriber - and there is already a music label. Now there are many services, merch, "Buymeacoffee" and others, where you can help the musician to spread his work as far as possible.

I beg you, do not be lazy, help.

Actively help all talents, not just me. Purchased ice cream is not as valuable as helping people who, sparing no effort and time, do something for other people. Don't you agree with that?

Now let's talk about me:

It takes a tremendous amount of time to create music, but what is the point of doing it if no one hears it without its PR? It turns out a vicious circle. The only solution that comes to mind is the help of the fans. The more your help will be, the easier it will be for me to create more new music. I can invest this money in PR, and buy ads on YouTube, or somewhere else.

In general, you understand: you donate - I invest every cent in the advertising of my music (now the priority and most important), in equipment for music and video. I finally open at home a normal studio, with normal equipment, and not the obsolete one that I work for now. When funding grows, I will invest it in hiring actors, creating high-quality music videos.

I myself know how to write scripts, and I can do various camera things myself. The main thing is the actors, props, and equipment so that I can embody all my ideas and plans on the screen ...

That's all, make your choice, and click to become Member right now, and thanks to everyone!