It's been about 71 days since we started this Clubhouse Invite train community.

For those new here, I started a community for people to get Clubhouse Invites (AKA skip the waiting list). A lot of Internet scam artists, Invites sold for $1000+ and fake/shady sites were being promoted which led to several innocent people getting scammed. These scammers promise it for cheap and go on scamming more people, on repeat!

I have called out a few here. I spoke to someone who had lost over 1000 Australian dollars before getting their invites via our Clubhouse Invite train. And many such stories...

A lot has happened ever since.

We onboarded 900+ great folks from 50+ countries using the community we built.

Great folks from all parts of Life. CEOs, Folks working in Big tech companies, VC, Designers, Crypto Enthusiast, Startup Founders, Marketers, Developers, Chefs, Home Makers, Foodies, Travellers, Retired Officials, Lawyers, Officials,...You name it. Human Being!

We meet daily at Clubhouse and interact with one another. Without any judgment, we connect, we listen, we speak, and make new connections.

It's fun to build this community and meet new folks every day which otherwise wouldn't have been possible. This Pandemic had several impacts on each of our lives and it's great to hear stories from across the globe. We discuss everything under the sun. Be it how each country is dealing with the current situation, family, and people around us. Sometimes all we need someone to listen to.. and the Clubhouse community we build does just that!

Not just coffee supporters, many outside it message me and share their invites. Even more, join our daily hangouts and share their journey; and become part of 'community'.

I have heard people who met via Clubhouse Invite train meeting up "Offline" in Newyork!! The people who have met only via Clubhouse, that too via Audio.

It's great to see the positive good we could create by a small act of good.

We also formed a club/group, so that we all could network with one another.

I personally am looking forward to meeting every supporter in their countries or once they come to Kerala (once this pandemic is over).

Everyone is super kind to one another and had the heart to pay it forward. We build a positive and trusted community on the Internet.

That's all for today.

We are nearing 1000 supporters (currently 976), 24 more to go:)

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