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Don’t buy Foundation.App Invite, How to ...

Don’t buy Foundation.App Invite, How to get App Invite with Pay-It Forward Foundation.App

Apr 04, 2021

Like seriously, Don’t buy Foundation App Invite.

Internet is dark, a lot of shady websites(example below) and scam sites are being thrown at you promising to buy Foundation Invite.

Just don’t buy to any of Foundation Invite!

Trust me, it’s more likely a scam.

This is search result for “Foundation App Invite”, “Foundation App Invite link”, etc.

Foundation.App Invite , don’t buy into any of these (all the views/comments are fake)

And guess what?

All are pointing to some website that’s asking to send ETH as gas fee to get “Instant Foundation.App Invite”.

Foundation.App Invite code generator scams!

Comment from someone who got scammed after sending ETH to one of these sites.

Sciencevienna has shared more details of this scam: https://hive.blog/cryptoart/@sciencevienna/invitegen-com-beware-of-the-recent-cryptoart-scam-platform

This is the same reason, which I(Felix) started Pay-It forward train for Foundation Invites.

How does Foundation.App Invite code train work?

As we get invite, we share it with next person! I have written more about it on here:


(Link to join Invite train: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/felixjosemon)

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