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Is this train right fit for you or not?

May 09, 2021

Am I right fit for Foundation Invite train?

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I have been running Foundation Invite train for about a month now and so far invited over 100+ artists and creators using our community. Each pledged to pass forward invites to our train as and when they get theirs. Our train has a pool of over 500+ potential invites #passitforward.

I update on our weekly updates every week. Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 Updates for example.

We started this train about a month back and it has been grown more popular as more and more creators advocate about it to their friends and colleagues. see: wall of love

Now the question is whether you should join our invite train or not.

Mind you, we had some bad players who weren't welcoming or super impatient or not interested with our process and highly demanding. We had to either refund or remove them off the train. I even had say NO to many who mailed me, which I felt weren't right fit on our train. I am a bit brutal here:) And we have no regrets in doing so.

We just don't want wrong players on our train with wrong motives and I mean it.

So that's why I decided to write this up so that you have enough clarity whether to join our community or not.


If you wish for instant invite, Answer is NO

If you wish to get-rich quick, Answer is NO

If you don't have original works, Answer is NO

If you are not Genuine or Honest, Answer is NO

If you wish to be impatient, Answer is NO

If you wish to sell invites, Answer is NO

If you don't like this idea, Answer is NO


If you believe in the vision of passing it forward, Answer is YES

If you have ready to list NFTs, Answer is YES

If you wish to learn and grow together, Answer is YES

If you promise to pass forward invites, Answer is YES

If you have original artworks, Answer is YES

If you wish to wait and have patience, Answer is YES

If you wish to learn how NFT and other things work, Answer is YES

If you wish to support other creators that are launching on Foundation on our train, Answer is YES

You must realise that it's a train and I am the train captain(They call me Captain Felix) leading every passenger to their destinations. I keep track of all on my sheets and decide who gets invited next or not which could speed up our train. In any case, I would be the last person to be invited. Train passengers first:)

Hope that makes sense, see you on the next post:)

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