Hi there groovy Forest School folk,

Wishing you bright blessings for Imbolc!

To celebrate the first signs of spring we have compiled a ‘Brilliant Birds Bundle’ – over 30 bird inspired activities and games for Forest School and Outdoor Learning.

And we are offering it to you FREEEE!

Here is the direct link - https://www.buymeacoffee.com/forestschoollou/e/115509

This bundle is a compilation of ideas that I’ve used over the years from various sources for environmental education sessions and to have ‘up my sleeve’ during Forest School sessions. I have tried to give acknowledgement and links when I could remember where they are from!

The ‘Brilliant Bird Bundle’ includes:

·       Brilliant Birds Resource Pack – Over 30 Bird Inspired Activities and games

·       Additional activity cards that link to the activities in the pack, including: Sound map cards, bird passport booklet, find your flock cards, bird bodies card

·       Links to Storybooks of Birds  

·       Links to Bird Non fiction & Identification Resources 

·       Excerpts from the ‘Step Outside’ Pack (also available on my extras page) – Feeding the birds, Making nest boxes and Spencer sparrow activity


My latest video is sharing 5 of these birdy ideas - https://youtu.be/ITtp9Lzg26k

We hope you find it useful to connect with feathered friends and wish you many birdy adventures this spring!

Thanks for your support!

Busy birds fluttering & practising birdsongs

Lou & Lily-Roe!

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