NOTE: This particular post was not sent out in email, as it is an update post/feature for what currently exists as a Supporter Extra (created as a unique idea to Support this work). Monthly coffee Membersship community can ask for the download anytime. Anyone at all is welcome to email for more info on current status of the project.

Will (and have) be releasing scripts/concepts within as they are polished up and ready to share. Sometimes as part of tutorials. Other times on the Gitea Onion.
(in fact everyone can view/download boxshell menu so far on the Gitea Onion -- view in Tor Browser)

πŸ“ Public view boxshell menu shell here (started this week): Here

πŸ“ Sharing Updates On Privacybox Idea/Supporter Image

Selfhosting offers the peak of privacy/security - you control the software and the hardware.

As mentioned, it's a fully functional and safe! I still call it "work in progress": Why is that?

I have many more ideas to implement!

One of my favorite things at the moment.

Lately I have started adding new features to the RTPBOX pi image (Supporter Image).

It's an idea I came up with to offer Supporters something in return for their support.

πŸ—’πŸ§…πŸ” Read more on this in the official (view in Tor Browser)

What's New:
Brand new for the support image is the 'boxshell' command seen in the above screenshot. I wanted to make managing some of the box's settings easy enough for anyone.

And some aren't interested in having a torified router on all the time - so I have made turning this on/off, easy (NEW)

Currently putting as much time as I have available into this concept. For right now this exists as a Supporter image. And donations to download idea helps support all the work on the articles/videos/tutorials here and on the channels, into the future.

At the same time I will be slowly sharing out open scripts/programs individually within on the Gitea onion that have been created for this project (as they become more finalized).

πŸ“ You can find RTPBOX here (currently supporter image + requires raspberry pi - those who donate to it receive initial setup support as well even if you have no experience!)

I came up with this idea as a way to Support this work (dedicating as much time as possible).

Instead of taking on sponsors and having advice steered: the idea was to make/offer something unique that I trust and love to use myself. Make it fully automated + usable by those with little Linux experience. Something I thought others would enjoy.

Right now it exists as a way to support the many hours that go into my work. And the more who use it, the more time I will be able to spend on it.

Always interested in hearing your feedback/ideas.


  • Nextcloud as Tor Hidden Service (automated setup + only you ever see the .onion address)

  • Nextcloud Talk for encrypted conversations with friends/family/coworkers

  • Torified hardware router (can now turn on/off wifi)

  • (NEW) Change WiFi network/ssid name inside new boxhsell (SSID first set on first login)

  • (NEW) Change WiFi Torified Accesspoint MAC to new (valid OUI) MAC address anytime
    (in boxshell)

  • (RECENT) zk-256bit AES Encrypted Pastebin (privatebin)

  • (NEW) automatic upgrades (enable in boxshell)

  • (NEW) Turn on/off WiFi torified accesspoint

  • (NEW) boxshell command shell for managing the privacybox

  • Block of default Intel MGTM AMT Ports networkwide

  • New Torified AP mac on each boot

  • Log checking + emailing important security events

Nextcloud Hidden Service Example Login (Blurred For Privacy):

Secure Communications

Nextcloud Talk over onion offers a secure way to communicate with coworkers, friends and family. You can share videos, books, and read/watch everything right in the Tor Browser.

Unlike future/current potential for concerns of 'client-side scanning' on phones, by handling all content on the selfhosted server itself, we decentralize from local phone storage itself. Nothing leaves the server.

server side encrytion isn't difficult to add. I will do a (public) tutorial on this in the future. If you are wondering how, just ask!

Log Checking And Emailed Important Security Events

Using New Boxshell Instantly Automatic Upgrades Instantly:

First Edition (See Additions Made In Screenshot After):

(Showing Turning Off WiFi Accesspoint Option)

(see other current command options in red in above screenshot - more to come!)

I will continue building on this idea and look forward to sharing more ideas/tutorials/scripts with everyone in the future!

If interested see "extras" section for more info.

Thanks for sharing and supporting my work.

More to come.
πŸ§…πŸ” GITEA (.onion): Books, Code/Scripts, Wiki, more (make a repository)
πŸ§…πŸ” PASTEBIN (.onion): options- password protect, zk-256bit, "Burn After Reading" + more
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