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Hey FOSS loving friends, 🙂

After a few commented questions regarding my last videos on Pinetime. I decided to share more looks at this FOSS 'smartwatch' option: Pinetime (Pine64).

I'm writing this from the perspective of a (relatively new) Pinetime owner, but there are other FOSS options for you to look at here.

🔒 Closed source ⌚ Smartwatches?

First off, I'm not trying to scare anyone away from the (closed source) smartwatch of their dreams, but do want to briefly contrast open source vs closed source.

As we should know by now, some smartwatches may (or may not) be 'sharing' your data (closed source means we aren't able to easily inspect all device instructions: one never knows "for sure", what a given closed source device is doing, for how long, or what + who it is communicating with - this goes for all closed source devices / software).

By linking our smartwatch device online, (technically) a closed source device could (but not necessarily will) share anything it collects. Utilizing any functionality it has access to. Using closed wireless code for data transfer (hypothetically).

We might choose to minimize this risk on the surface, but considering advanced sensors (heart health, activity, movements), microphones (some watches may use for voice control), and various other underlying capabilities, these devices become quite personal.

Could you be denied, or pay more for your insurance if they get their hands on your wearables data?

And, for others: might you benefit from sharing this data? See "Cash From Health Insurance For Wearable Data".


Health data is invaluable, especially to insurance companies / data brokers:

NOTE: Some of the links below are older, and certain parts may not contain up to date information (see the year)

[ Wearables For Insurance Risk Assessment (above screenshot source) ]

[ Read closed source smartwatch reviews and their potential data sharing ]

[ The Worrying Potential Of Wearable Data ]

[ Could Your Fitbit Data Be Used To Deny You Insurance? (2017) ]

[ New Wave Of Wearable Collect Your Data Like Never Before (2014) ]

[ Smartwatch Privacy: The Best And Worst Options (2021) ]

Unknowns inside closed source smartwatches are a big reason I held off owning one until now.

👐 Open Source ⌚ Smartwatches

[ See FOSS Options: Top 5 Open Source Smartwatches (2021) ]

Not everyone is going to want a smartwatch. But if you do, an open source option is worth consideration.

Open source means its firmware can be edited and / or recompiled, data can be deleted. The owner is in full control of their software, and data (if they have ability to do so).

And even if you don't have the ability to inspect code yourself, others likely will be taking a look at it (still, I don't recommend feeling a false sense of security for everything that is "FOSS").

I'm of the belief we should all have the power to inspect what our devices are doing. Whether or not one knows how, we should all have that right.


I'm really digging the new terminal watch face option (found in the latest firmware update, with the appearance of a 'terminal'). 😀

Of course, there are various other watch face option choices inside Pinetime...



Digital Face:


Terminal Face (NEW):


Flashlight Of Sorts

Flashlight "Off":

Flashlight "On":
(does improve ability to find things in the dark, but not a 'reading light' level of brightness)

A Few Setting Examples:

Ability To Disable Bluetooth In This Latest Firmware (Good For Privacy):

Bluetooth: Now Can Be "Disabled" (Improves Privacy)

Display Timeout Allows You To Set An "Idle" Screen Timeout:

Games And More:

"Pong" Game:

"2" Game:

Finger Draw:
(not my best work 😆)

Step Goals / Counter:


Not everyone needs (or wants for that matter) a smartwatch, but for those who do, Pinetime could be a FOSS device worth considering.

And, I'm all about sharing potential FOSS solutions to our (many) closed source problems.


[ Pinetime (Pine64 Hardware - maker of Pinephone) ]

[ Pinetime Wiki ]

[ Top 5 Open Source Smartwatches (2021) ]

[ Pinetime Firmware Upgrade Video / Post ]

[ Infinitime Github (❤️ Sponsor Pinetime FOSS Firmware Here)]

[ JF's Dev Blog (Pinetime Developer) ]

[ Wasp-OS App Guide (Python Pinetime) ]

[ Waso-OS Github ]


[ Wearables For Insurance Risk Assessment (above screenshot site) ]

[ Read closed source smartwatch reviews and their potential data sharing ]

[ The Worrying Potential Of Wearable Data ]

[ Could Your Fitbit Data Be Used To Deny You Insurance? (2017) ]

[ New Wave Of Wearable Collect Your Data Like Never Before (2014) ]

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