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Thanks for being here, this is a no obligation page where if you wish you can buy me a coffee to let me know what I put out matters and makes a difference to you. 

Conversations of connection that opens  my heart and mind to healing and enables me to talk my truth to help you realize and walk yours:-)

I release regular podcasts and posts with regards to my life as a mother, a step Mum and a 40 something woman, just a girl, lost in my own story, trying to find my way home.

I realize the more I know, the more I don't know. Despite years of experience as a coach and working in nutrition, when I lost my Dad and we went through the trauma of COVID, I lost the last remaining parts of my soul, I was the walking dead, January 2022 I decided to change my life and what I realized was this meant being honest with myself and realizing I had been hiding and lying from my truth. I realize that I play the victim in my life, I celebrate my resilience but never expect peace and prosperity. I had some serious power pothole issues and this year I am reworking them and my aim is to put it all in to a book so my journey can help your journey.

 I am a Mother to 6 wonderful children, 4 birth and 2 bonus babies... (who are now not babies but teenagers). It is because of the honor and privilege of being a Mother I understand the importance more than ever, that we all live our truth and step in to our power, to free ourselves from suffering and return to love. To live in peace is my mission, so my children, your children and every living being to come can live in a heart centered compassionate world as one love!

So there we are, This is Me :-)

My podcast this year has been inspired and dedicated by the loss and life of my Dad who I lost in 2020. I believe love transcends separation and I am learning to live with him not in person but in spirit. Grief was brutal, is brutal but with every ending the way is made for a rebirth and this is mine. Thank you for being part of it.

My podcast for 2023 is Retiring the Victim, Rebirthing the Hero

Time for us all to Remember Who We Are and live with love not fear. Time to take our personal power back!

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