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Money Matters

May 12, 2022

This weeks podcast I published with money on my mind. Money is on all our minds right now as the media of bad news bombards us of the usual messages of fear and scare-city.

In earlier episodes we spoke about our conditioning as a child, our money mindset blueprint if you like, but this one is a little different. I know it is different, I know even when it comes to money we can take our power back. I know this as I have a personal point of reference which I share a little here and on the podcast.

In the podcast we reframe wealth and then see how money is just another vibration or manifestation of energy vibrating that we will either attract or repel based on our own emotions, thoughts and actions. It is not about success or failures, it is not about if you are a good or bad person, it doesn't work that way. Money is like everything else, it is about our E.T.A habits and what vibration, signal or message they send out

E=Emotions - How we are feeling?

T=Thoughts - What are we thinking?

A= Action - Are we taking empowered or disempowered action?

This is really the framework for your whole life. It doesn't matter about anything else, it matters only what you are feeling, what you are thinking and how you are acting. You have the power to be a money magnet if that is what you want, but your internal emotions and thoughts also have the power to keep you in 'scarcity' city..... ( Scar(e) - City Language is powerful.) Do not reside in Scare-city. Fear has no place in a peaceful heart, shut that fear down and live in alignment with love and gratitude and just watch how everything you need flows to you effortlessly.

I share how my emotions, thoughts and actions had very different results in a similar financial situation. I realised wealth is not just money, far from it, wealth is friends, family, health, love, laughter, life being lived and experienced and felt. Wealth is a gift that will always keep giving and will not discriminate between the good and the bad only the high and low vibration that the individual or the collective consciousness puts out determines if you FEEL, THINK AND ACT wealthy.

When I did not have enough money. I had friends and family that came to my rescue, I struggled with mental health but physically I was on fire. I lived in a safe place with my own personal little hero's. I have in fact always been one of the most wealthy people I know I just didn't see it, I didn't believe it.

13 years ago I became a single mum with 2 children, I moved from Spain back to the UK and I had nothing; no home, no income, I was starting from scratch but I felt free, I felt like anything was possible and life felt wealthy. I was of course not rich by society's standards, sleeping in my Uncle Peters Bedroom with my 2 children in a single bed at my Nanny's house, but we had each other and that felt good. Not long after, I rekindled an old romance with someone who's thoughts, feelings and beliefs were different to mine. I believe their belief was that our value is determined by our net worth or our ability to make money, I lacked those things so I began to FEEL poor, I felt useless, worthless. I was living with a fear and scarcity low vibrational frequency and sure enough it is what I then experienced hand over fist! I remember in a matter of days I lost a business, my partner at the time and again I found myself of no fixed abode living off the kindness of others with another child to add to my single Mum status.

Fast forward to present day, I now have 6 children (the law of attraction seems to have no problems bringing me children to care for lol) my bank account is similar and yet I know and feel I am wealthy.

Since January we have been on one average income, we spend less on our weekly shop than some families of 3 do yet we feel great. We have changed everything by staying feet firm in the vibration of gratitude for what there is and gratitude that we are abundance and we attract whatever we think, feel and do abundantly.

Therefore money is a mindset, money is a vibration, money is energy and it goes where the flow allows it. We are down money from income, but yet the universe keeps sending the same amount I earnt plus some in miraculous and unexpected ways, with no effort from us, all it is is the belief, the feelings, the thoughts that we always have all we need and more, it is mind blowing. What I know for sure is, if this is available to us it is available to you. It does not matter how bad it may seem, it matters that you pay attention to everything you are, everything you have past present and future and stay in that vibration. I believe this is what is meant by 'Be the Change You Want to See' it can be applied to so much, if you don't want to be sad and skint then don't think or act that way. You are powerful beyond measure, be that, feel that think that, do that and experience that. Remember the environment creates the experience. Do not allow fear and scarcity to have any power in your life then it simply can't. MAGIC is real :-) and it lies in all of us waiting for use it for our good.

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One Love

Rebecca McQueen

Coach, Writer, Podcast host and happily married mum to 6 children. Thank you Universe for all the lessons and all the blessings

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