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Character Systems Complete!

Apr 01, 2022

Hi all thought I would give an update as its been a while and allot has been done!

I have now created most of the main systems for the character whom is now Dubbed " Brian Damage" ( though may go back to Derek) Including;

  • Indipendent head and body systems which are combined into one for more control

  • Controlable Face rig utilising motion capture

  • Crouching

  • IK feet positioning on surfaces

  • Spin Attack with Niagaria VFX

  • Climbing system which allows the player to grab onto ledges and pull themselves up

  • "Super hero" hard fall animation

Other things which I have been prototyping are destructible objects which will be used within the levels to act as "progress gates."

Now that the bulk of Brian is built out I am now porting him into my main project which I know is certainly going to cause some headaches and will for sure break my systems. Once dropped in I will be able to start implementing my dynamic adaptive music score which I have been writing over the past month!

Things to Come

  • Damage states ( Half dead or dead to keep it simple)

  • Cutscene Creation

  • Cogs N' Cloads level

  • Testing on Xbox Hardware

If you made it to the end of this post you are awesome! Please could you do me a favour and get me a few coffees to keep me going and follow for more updates!!

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