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Artwork Inspired by My Stalker, John Kirszenberg

Apr 10, 2022

John is an obsessed creep. Apparently, he's going to spend his remaining days on Earth as an obsessed cyber-stalker. He's had four years to mess with me. He had me cancelled from Dark Matter and still he persists. I decided to capture the essense of this perverse Internet weirdo in art.

This piece is on a large sheet of masonite. I've used acrylic and charcoal so far. I plan to go full multimedia and include materials cropped from the lawsuit I filed against him.

It's clear I have a stalker for life and I'm resigned to it. It's cool. He's not going to be around for more than ten or twenty years so I'll outlive him, which means I do win in the end.

Unless, that is, his intentions are homicidal.

I'll post updates on the work as I go.

Tim Ozman

IPR, Host

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