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Yo 👋 I just created a page here.

My name is Veronika, I was born in Estonia, and I am a bachelor of art in visual culture and master of science in interaction design. My art work is concentrated around portraiture in dark beauty aesthetic, commercial and editorial showcases, and product displays. My work as a researcher is focused on specifics of human-computer interaction.

This page is mainly created with the aim to be an educational source about alternative photo-editing and designing for the user through making oneself familiar with scientific research on the topic. All my lessons are free to read, view and download so you can maybe learn a thing or two, and buy me a coffee if you like it. For an additional small donation, you can also download some original images from my tutorials. That also gets you a signed copy of my original edit with a personalized message! 

My DMs are always open for feedback, connections and questions, especially lesson related ones so feel free to hit me up.

Learn, support, share and let's connect! 

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