Buy Me a Coffee is a free and beautiful Ko-fi alternative.

Buy Me a Coffee is a free, fast, and beautiful way to accept tips and monthly support from your audience. You can also share supporter-only posts, sell digital downloads, set goals, and more! Best part - all of these features are available to all, and we never ask you to pay a monthly fee to unlock a feature!

It’s free & takes less than a minute


Why Creators choose

Buy Me a Coffee over Ko-fi.

 Buy Me a Coffee Ko-Fi

One-time / Tipping

Yes   Yes Yes   Yes

Monthly Support

Yes   Yes Only for Gold plan ($6/mo)

Supporter-only posts

Yes   Yes Only for Gold plan ($6/mo)

Payment Methods

Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay Credit Card, PayPal


No monthly fee. 5% transaction fee. $6 per month for all features. 5% for Shop.

Mobile app

Yes   Yes No   No


Yes   Yes Only for Gold plan ($6/mo)

Live chat support

Yes   24/7 No   No

Free, and for all

By opening up all features for free, we make money only when you do. By charging a reasonable transaction fee (5%), we make sure it’s in our best interest to help you make money and give a delightful experience for your supporters.

Michael Kelly

I would definitely recommend it especially for people just starting out or something less formal. Even as a supporter I like BMC the best. Like you said it combines the best of Ko-Fi and Patreon while leaving out the annoyances of the them.

Art Moots
art moots🚀coms

So I discovered a legit platform which combine Ko-fi and Patreon features in one! But better. Some of its great features is called Extras where you can offer goods/benefits. You can also give away Extras for free.

Creator-friendly and we mean it.

Our founders were creators who lived on a moderate advertising income from their creative gigs. Although $500 per month is what you pay for a gym membership in San Francisco, it's enough to make a living in many parts of the world. If it weren't for those Adsense checks, there would be no Buy Me a Coffee. We get what every coffee means to you. ✊


Ok, I’m ready. How do I make the switch?

If you're already on Ko-fi, you can set up a page on Buy Me a Coffee using the same PayPal or Stripe account. As for inviting your Ko-fi followers, we'd recommend publishing a post on Ko-fi about the switch, and updating all your social pages.

It’s free & takes less than a minute