Welcome to the second draft of Plumtree, a slow sidle through fairyland with terrible puns and jokes abounding. This was first published on my Patreon account, starting in November 2019, with some of the decision based on Backer voting.

I'll be posting the slightly redrafted posts up on Mondays, linking below:


1. I hear you

2. My name is

3. Off to see the wizard

4. At The Gates

5. Death Or Cake

6. In The Tower That Wasn't

7. Straight To The Top

8. A Cuppa

9. Welcome To The Jungle

10. Panda Bears

11. Coming To

12. Can You Run?

13. Replacement Parts

14. The End of The Jungle

15. This Could Be Heaven

16. But Not For Everyone

17. What Helps You, Helps Me

18. Drain The Swamp

19. Victory Of A Sort

20. Well-Met by Sunlight

21. Talking In Circles

22. Without Your Elf, You've Got Nothing

23. Penance And Banners

24. Rat Tooth

25. You Spin Me Right Round

26. Rabbit Holes

27. Do I Know You?

28. Baby, It's Cold Outside

29. Darling, It's Better

30. Moving Swiftly On

31. As Above, So Below

32. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

33. I Have No Idea Where I'm Going

34. The Only Way Is Up

35. Nice View

36. Squirrelled Away

37. Light At The End Of The Tunnel

38. Coming Around Again

39. Good Help Is So Hard To

40. Thankless Task

41. We Meet Again

42. Cleaning House

43. It Counts

44. Fish Feathers and Bird Scales

45. Salmon Pink

46. Knowledge Is Important

47. Up Where You Belong

48. Leap At The Opportunity

49. Peace and Sanctuary

50. In The Queue

51. Here We Are

52. That One